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Semi-Trucks For Sale: Comparing Savings Between Used And New Models

There are about 1.2 million trucking companies in operation in the U.S., employing over 3.5 million truck drivers. Most operate semi-trucks. If you're looking to break into the industry, investing in a solid semi-truck is the first step. New heavy duty semi-trucks cost anywhere from $100,000 to $150,000 while used models often sell in the $30,000 to $80,000 range. Although new semi-trucks generally cost a bit less to maintain, there are many cost savings that can be reaped with used models. Here's a break down of the savings that purchasing used semi-trucks can bring. 

Avoiding The Cost Of Federal Excise Tax (F.E.T.)

Much like for all sales, the purchase of new semi-trucks is taxed 12% by the government through the Federal Excise Tax (F.E.T.). This means that you'll be paying $12,000 if the new semi-truck costs $100,000. This is a huge added cost to consider, as it significantly increases the price tag. 

Used semi-trucks, on the other hand, are not subject to F.E.T. unless the used semi-trucks have installed modifications and parts that were previously untaxed. These modifications are generally added after the semi-trucks were purchased, and are to be used for on-highway transportation functions like enhancing the comfort or convenience of the drivers and passengers, assisting in loading and unloading cargo and improving the overall performance of the semi-trucks. 

Reducing Overall Depreciation Rate Of The Semi-Truck

Once the semi-trucks are driven off of the lot, their value greatly depreciates; however, the highest amount of depreciation generally happens in the beginning. New semi-trucks depreciate in value a lot more than used-semi trucks, which tend to keep their value overtime. You can expect a new semi-truck to depreciate as much as 20% from the minute that you drive it off the lot. Within the first 12 months, a new semi-truck can depreciate as much as 40%. Used semi-trucks, on the other hand, don't tend to depreciate as much, so you can recoup more of the original cost if you were to sell them later on. 

Lower Interest Rates With Reduced Down Payment 

Last but not least, the requirements for purchasing used semi-trucks tend to be more relaxed. Not only can you enjoy lower interest rates, but you'll generally get away with a cheaper down payment. Keep in mind that a small reduction in interest rates can make a huge difference to the total amount that you will be paying due to the large price tag of semi-trucks and due to the fact that the interest rate compounds.

There is also more room for negotiating a better payment plan. Used semi-truck sellers tend to offer more flexible payment plans that are fitted to your financial needs, and can help you easily finance the truck that you need without much hassle at all. In addition, you will also have an easier time financing used semi-trucks rather than new semi-trucks if you have poor credit. The application process also tends to be faster and easier for those looking to purchase used semi-trucks instead of new ones.


Save money by purchasing used semi-trucks, which are a more practical option that has been highly recommended by many truck drivers. You can find many models that have been perfectly maintained and are still in great condition at a relatively low cost. Most of these used semi-trucks do not require a lot of maintenance, and can offer the same performance levels as new models. If you are planning on reselling the semi-trucks later on or upgrading to another truck sometime down the road, used semi-trucks are definitely a better option, as you will be able to recoup more of your original cost. For more information, visit a website like

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