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4 Things To Make Sure You Don't Forget To Check When Purchasing A Used Semi-Truck

If you need to purchase an additional semi-truck for your business, purchasing a used semi-truck is a great way to expand your fleet at an affordable rate. When purchasing a used semi-truck, you want to inspect the truck really closely to make sure that it is in good shape.

#1 Look for Surface Rust

The first thing that you need to do is check the vehicle and make sure that it doesn't have any surface rust. Surface rust is a serious issue. The rust that you can see may only be a fraction of the problem. Rust on the underside of your semi-truck can cause great damage to your vehicle and lead to issues that you may have a harder time fixing.

When you look for surface rust, look for bubbles under the paint of the truck. Bubbles are not really bubbles; they are actually hiding rust damage under the truck. If you spot any bubbles on the truck at all, be wary as there may be more rust hiding somewhere else on the vehicle.

#2 Check the Doors & Windows

Second, you are going to want to check the doors and windows and make sure that they seal well. You don't want air flowing into your truck as you are driving down the freeway around your doors. You want the door to be well sealed, which will help control the temperature inside of the cab. Doors and windows that are well taken care of are also a sign that the previous owners cared about the rest of the vehicle and took care of the rest of the vehicle as well.

#3 Inspect the Tires

The tires on your truck can be expensive to replace, so you want to make sure that you are getting a good set of tires with your new-to-you semi-truck. First, look at the tires and make sure that they are all made by the same manufacturer. When the tires are all made by the same manufacturer, that is a sign that the tires on the vehicle were all changed at the same time. Having all the tires from the same manufacturer is also a good sign that all the tires on the vehicle are designed to work together. Make sure that all of the tires were installed at the same time; this will ensure the most even wear on your tires and stop you from having to call a towing company, like River's Truck Center, because of a burst tire.

Finally, look at the overall qualities of the tires. Make sure that they are not cracks or worn out. If the tiers are cracked or balding, you are going to need to replace them soon. Don't purchase a truck with worn-out tires unless you can invest in new tires right away.

When purchasing a used truck, make sure that it doesn't have any surface rust. Make sure that the doors and windows seal well. Finally, make sure that tires are in good shape. These are just three elements that you should carefully inspect when purchasing a used semi-truck for your business fleet.

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