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3 Symptoms Of A Faulty Transmission

Whenever drivers hear their vehicle is in need if transmission repairs, they immediately think about the costs associated with these repairs. Transmission work can be costly. The easiest way to keep these repair costs to a minimum is to take your car to a mechanic at the first sign of trouble. This will prevent any problems your transmission is having from causing further damage to your vehicle.

In order to have your car worked on when a transmission first begins to fail, you must be able to recognize the signs of a faulty transmission.

1. Leaking Fluid

You should always take the time to check underneath your car when moving it from a spot where it has been parked for a period of time. Various fluids run throughout your vehicle's mechanical system. These fluids are required for the vehicle to run properly, so any fluid leaks are cause for immediate concern.

Check your parking spot for any evidence of a fresh transmission fluid leak. These leaks will appear as reddish or brown spots beneath the center of your vehicle. Take your vehicle to a mechanic immediately if you spot any transmission fluid on the ground after moving your car from its parking spot to prevent the serious damage that can occur when fluid levels are low.

2. Response Lag

You should not notice any delays when your car is shifting between gears if the transmission is functioning properly. Any lag in response time can indicate a potential problem. Shift lags will often be associated with lurching, shuddering, and extreme vibration when your vehicle switches from one gear to another. A functional transmission creates fluid and gear shifts, so any excessive noise, movement, or response lags in shifting are indications that your vehicle should be evaluated by an experienced mechanic.

3. Odd Sounds

It's important that you are familiar with the sounds that your car makes when it is running properly. Any change in these sounds could be indicative of a mechanical problem. Turn off your radio and listen closely while your car moves through each gear. If you hear any humming or whining sounds during gear shifts, these sounds indicate that there is a problem with your transmission.

Listening closely to the sounds your vehicle makes allows your car to tell you when a mechanical problem needs to be addressed by your mechanic to prevent a system failure in the future. Contact a company like Vonkattengell Transmission Service today to learn more. 

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